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My back is strong again which makes a happy difference in what I can do and in what I feel like doing.  My car is holding up - getting me to lots of places.  It has been a busy summer.  It has been 6 weeks or longer since I had a day when I would not need to shave and just relax around the house like I think I'd like to.  The Referendum 71 petition I had helped gather signatures for is in a process of having signatures counted for validity.  If enough of the signatures are valid, there will be a question on Fall ballot to vote about it.

Mom is doing well with having a nurses' aid 3 times a week and a therapist 3 other times in the week.

The man I do care-giving for got his teeth extracted about 3 weeks ago and is learning how to care for and use his dentures.  He enjoys the better recognition he gets with people - that he didn't have when people saw rotten teeth when he smiled.  Now I am seeing whether I can get him to a podiatrist for some much needed foot care he could use.

Spokane has been getting some days of rain each month, not typical of Spokane's summers.  And maybe we have a summer when we got more rain than Seattle!  Could this be?

In the garden, raspberries are finished - though it looks like there are blossoms, so may get a few fall berries.  Blackberries are sparse, but the ones that are fully ripe have a great flavor.  One variety of plums are through with their crop and another variety will not ripen till after the grapes.  I have 3 varieties of grapes and I am eating some of the 'white' kind though they will be sweeter later.  I ate one of my red pears of which there are only a few.  My peaches are larger this year than the last 2 times they bore.  My fern cellar helped me grow some extra purple cliff-brake ferns, and I divided my fragile fern plant successfully.  A Southern Shield Fern that has been stressed is making a nice comeback.  My Rhododendrons I put in in May are established.  I've been cutting out spent stems of columbine, hollyhocks, last year's carrots & parsnips that have gone to seed (I had left them so they would).  The white clover in my lawn is plush in many places.  I'm getting an annoying seed grass and bindweed out.  The yellow clover and dandelions and other weeds aren't getting a chance.  I systematically remove them as I water.

We had a visitor from Nevada in our worship this morning - the grand-daughter of one of our faithful constituents.  Two people of the congregation had long trips to Oklahoma and one to Oregon.  It is good to have them back in our worship gathering.  I'm still preaching from a lectionary schedule of scriptures.  My study habits are better due to so many years of practice.  Sermon delivery always is an event with many aspects to consider.  A lot of energy and prayer goes into it.  There are a few individuals in the congregation who can see where I am taking them in my preaching and will add a comment mid-sermon that will help its direction.   In Facebook, I'm making regular comments and monitoring my groups.

Our American Family Association literature distribution project has taken a brochure about Church-State privileges developed in U.S. history - to about four fifths of the homes of Spokane.  We've been at it more years than I can say I know when we began.  Gospel Message Sign Evangelism has more people requesting its ministry.  Am looking for trained (or trainable) and willing people to assist.

I had some electrical upgrading done in my home so electric heaters I want to use this winter will not trip circuit-breakers.
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A year older and a year closer in satisfaction with GOD.  Psalm 91:16 says that the one who loves GOD will be satisfied with long life and shown GOD's salvation.  Stay on course.  You're getting there!
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The word of the Old Testament that is equivalent to the New Testament word 'the way' - as in Christ saying "I am the way, the truth and the life" [John 14:6]  is 'derek' (how the Hebrew word is spelled when put in English letters).  Know anyone whose name is Derek?  They have something important to live up to for fulfilling the meaning of their name.
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St. Patrick's Day and the start of Spring are fast approaching.

The Retirement Home where I preach is building space for about 50 more residents.  Their expansion project (building the initial structure) is about half finished.  It may be fall before any of those new units are completely finished inside and ready for newcomers.

I had submitted an application to do part-time care-giving with Division of Developmental Disabilities of DSHS and now am in a contract process with them.  Work at Rockwood Place may also resume soon.  GOD keep me physically capable.  So my daily and weekly schedule may be highly altered soon from what it has been since September.  I'm getting in what Gospel  Message Sign Evangelism I can manage now in case I won't have as much time for it hereafter for awhile.  In Facebook, I've launched some groups and causes.  If people's ideas are shaped by thoughts most folks haven't thought of before because of stereotypical media streaming, there are some great opportunities for moving culture back in a Christian direction.

Blessings in the love and salvation of Christ to all of you.
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How generation gap effect diminishes over time:

When my son was 5, I was 35.  Ratio was 1 year of his to each 7 of mine, 14.28%.  He was 10 when I was 40.  Ratio then of 1 to 4; his age one fourth of mine, 25%.  And in 2015, he will be 30 when I am 60.  He will be at 50% of my age.  If he gets to be 50 when I am 80, he will be 62.5% of my age.
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To: "  Someone who told me they did not want to hear anything from Rich Warren.
Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009 12:46 PM

Here's one that is not about, or views of, Rick Warren. 

 I have heard the damage reports about how Warren's book 'Purpose Driven Church' has swept away some churches from the people who once had been leaders of them.  And I think I have been told that 'Open Bible' church was one of them.  Perhaps you know of others.  His concepts might be considered a new age Methodism, making yet another denominational schism.  Yet he is one who speaks publicly for Christ and who may have a part in Presidential inauguration - as well as Tony Perkins - and admittedly some gay people who misrepresent themselves as 'clergy'.   I'm sorry I took interest in what it was that was being said to the extent I did not consider the source.  There is a lesson in this to me in this.

GOD has our nation and we individually in our nation in a fiery purging furnace to remove the dross.  If we are so involved in finding faults and making accusations (Satan is the accuser of the brethren) that we have been thrown off track - derailed - from proclaiming Christ and making disciples, we have ourselves been sidelined and are 'apostate'.  We need to be more focussed on that it is Christ who sanctifies.  His purity and His salvation can not be defiled though lepers touch it thinking to make it unclean.  Christ says all power and authority already are His - not yet to be given.

As far as the label 'apostate', has Warren rejected and defected from loyalty to Christ?  Whether or not he we can count him 'true' to our Savior, there is more malaise to our nation if Christ is not mentioned than when Christ is spoken of by a heretic.  For lack of vision the people perish.  Michael Newdow and Rick Warren are no threat to us.  And the more things we take offence at, the more Christians can be pigeon-holed, set to in-fighting, and worn to a frazzle, stopped from communicating with one another and from evangelism.  Media chooses pundits to get us focussed on so that we feel embattled against more and more; and feel boldly assertive about less and less.  We can't afford to be parochialized to such an extent that like ground-hogs we are relegated to tunnels and never come out to enjoy the light in which Christ shines over and through all the world.  Is our self-protectiveness for our own holiness really?  Doesn't it end up being a denial of our faith in the Sovereign LORDship of Christ?

Maybe why we look for strokes from each other in sending and receiving private e-mails is because we have become too hen-pecked (therby embarrased, ashamed) to be courageously willing to step up to the commission given to us to public witness - and take the heat for doing so.
-Philippians 1:15- Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:

-Philippians 1:16- The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:

-Philippians 1:17- But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.

-Philippians 1:18- What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

There are people talking about Christ both in complimentary and derisive ways.  Our focus is not on them, but we are looking to Jesus our Savior, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  We are running this race without looking back and without encumbrances of things people want us to carry for them as we run (Hebrews 12:1-3).




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For the record:  A deluge in snow!
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Friday I got a phone call from Steven.   He had flown into Spokane instead of driving.  And David who had thought to fly in, drove.  We are getting some turn abouts - that things come together in a way other than how we expected.  Brian and Steven picked me up in the valley (I'm currently without operable vehicle) and drove me in to mom's apt for a day after Christmas rendezvous.  As we came up the elevator, Kristina and Sarah were waiting at the 11th floor hall seat.  We all entered mom's apt where mom,  David and Julie were.  8 for the gathering.   I asked for some Christmas Bible Pursuit questions to get talking going.  Brian and Steven ordered pizza for lunch.  We also had carrots, orange slices, cookies and fudge for the meal.  We had prayer together prior to eating.   Sarah and then mom played keyboard and we sang.  A game of 'Upwords' was played.  Cukes is 'cucumbers'.  Ted is when you lay out hay to dry it.  A jigsaw puzzle got completed.
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Saturday a cold front hit our area and put our outdoor scene into a deep freeze.  So I have been staying home more to keep the wood-stove stoked and am leaving a faucet dripping so pipes don't freeze.  We had a new resident named Trinidad come to Sunday worship and it is always encouraging to have people participating in our congregation.  I went for an outdoor hour and half hike Monday afternoon with a friend (used to be a tenant).  Though the news said the wind chill was about -20 and the cold did hit with furry a few times due to wind, we kept up the pace and were soon through the course and back to the warmth of cars & home.   Monday early evening, a summer sausage/ cheese-ball combo package of Hickory Farms delicacies arrived (package didn't say who it was from but I know) and today a deluxe present of cookie gourmet and mix for Russian Tea (a non-alcoholic toddy).  There are molasses trees, bells, heart snowmen; ginger snaps; peanut butter crossed; pfefferneuse (couldn't find the word in the dictionary so don't know how it is spelled); anise stars, nut (or spice) balls and some others I can't remember the names to.  No one does it better.  Thanks family for being so endearing and to GOD for giving HIS Son in whom you have the good hearts you have.  Depending on weather, how my car is operating, and my mom's plan I may make a 25th-26th trip away - but hope to see some family here too in the days up to and around New Years.
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The pain in this world is intentional.  It is intentionally of the devil to incite us against GOD and to cause people to curse HIM as evidence that they are allied with the camp of hell.  Yet even what Satan means for evil - like as Joseph's brothers selling him into Egyptian slavery - GOD means for good.  In this world we have tribulation that we may pray and come to know that all of our help is in One source - the salvation of GOD!

Our Messiah Savior Jesus Christ came to overcome the devil's evil with heaven's Divine good!

GOD's salvation in HIS Son is the solution to every predicament.  There are many who align themselves with Satan and who curse GOD to HIS face because HE raises up saints to say and believe these things that are such a contradiction to the advance of licentiousness.

Jesus - who saves His people from their sins - though so great in that He is the Creator of the world - came in a context of rejection.  And He finished the work of purchasing our redemption in dying on the cross - in rejection.  But He did not let rejection keep Him from loving.  By Him - FATHER forgive them - take the sin out of them - for they Know not what they do.  He yet gained (and gains) a wide measure of acceptance by His love to preach, to heal, to cast out demons and to give hope to those who were in despair.  Faith is GOD's victory that triumphs over sin and death of the world.

Jesus said to Pilate - who gave his consent that He should be crucified-

-John 18:37-
Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth. Every one that is of the Truth heareth My voice.

  Here is Love, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us [Romans 5:8] to show us that His mercy has triumph over our sinful judging to condemnation [James 2:13] toward whom GOD has vindicated.   

Thanks be to GOD who gives us victory in Christ over sin, and death [1 Corinthians 15:54-58].  And who gives us immortality for eternity that we may indeed be the Children (with Jesus) of GOD.

This Christmas and every day between Christmases, let us be like the Bereans to look all this up and come to assurance of it - that in our minds and hearts we know in all certainty that these things are so!

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